Designed and developed in one of the most advanced extrusion facilities in Europe, our windows are unique and are a superior-performance PVCu profile system and product range.

Combining innovative design with advanced manufacturing techniques, they represent the next generation of PVCu windows and doors.

Our products meet the sustainability demands of the current climate without compromising on quality or performance.

Frames & Glazing


Weathermaster frames are designed with multiple internal chambers within the profile system. Each chamber acts as a barrier against heat loss from inside the home and against cold air entering from outside, ensuring excellent thermal efficiency.


Weathermaster energy efficient glazing units feature energy reflecting glass as standard, which maximises heat gain by retaining interior warmth and transmitting solar energy from outside. Thermo spacer bars connect the glazing panes, helping to eliminate cold areas at the edge of the unit, reducing condensation.

Over 20% of heat loss within the home occurs through old or outdated windows and doors, resulting in expensive home heating bills. Weathermaster products are thermally efficient by design; by selecting Weathermaster windows you could reduce your home heating bills by up to 40%.


With quality and innovation at the core of our business, we are pleased to offer customers a product range that perfectly complements today's current climate.

Product Peformance

Our Products are manufactured to only the highest quality standards and are backed by an exclusive 15 year performance guarantee.

Multi Chambers

Multi chambers within the profile help eliminate heat loss through the frame; keeping your home warm and reducing waste energy.

Concealed Gaskets

Window frames feature concealed glazing gaskets for zero sightlines; ensuring that the gasket rubber does not obstruct the glazing area.

Positive Drainage

Inbuilt channels within the profile system provides enhanced weather performance; ensuring your frames remain fully sealed and watertight.

Frame Finish

All frames feature 100% lead-free, virgin skin surfaces. Frames are also fully welded for enhanced mechanical performance and aesthetic appeal.

Energy Perfomance

Our double glazed windows feature heat reflecting glass and 'A' ratings as standard on all casement-style windows.


U-values take into account all components of the window including the frame, glass and spacer bar; therefore the lower the U-value, the more energy efficient the window.

Our double glazed windows offer U-values of 1.4W/m2K as standard ('A' rating), with the option to reduce the overall U-value to 1.2W/m2K. By selecting the triple glazed windows, featuring Soft Coat Xtra and Argon gas, you can further reduce the whole window U-value to only 0.8W/m2K.

Weathermaster windows are independently tested and certified, and exceed building regulation requirements for energy efficiency, which can be benficial if renting or selling a property.

Safety & Security

Innovative design and manufacturing techniques ensure that Weathermaster frames are tough, robust and durable. All frames are fully welded for a strong and secure overall frame structure, and greater consistency of finish.

Stringent quality control procedures and checks take higher place at regular intervals in the production process to ensure that a strong, secure and quality product is produced.

All windows are internally glazed for extra security. This means that the glazing bead faces the interior of the home and therefore cannot be removed from outside the house; keeping your glazing unit safely and securely in place. For additional safety, glass can be specified as toughened or laminated.

Trojan Hinge

Fitted to casement windows, these heavy-duty hinges are designed to offer extra strength and security. Ideal for triple glazed applications.

Hook Locks

Fitted to doors for enhanced security. Hooks situated at the top and bottom of the locking system slot securely into keeps located on the outerframe.

Restrictor Hinge

Fitted to windows for enhanced safety. Restrictors activate when the sash is opened and can be released manually from the inside.


Fitted to windows for enhanced security. Bolts shoot out from the top and bottom of the locking system and slot securely into keeps located on the outerframe.

Tilt & Turn

With their innovative hinge system, Tilt and Turn windows offered added safety and convenience features to the traditional casement window. Incredibly easy to operate, in the 'Tilt Position', the top tilts towards the room to provide enhanced ventilation. In the 'Turn Position', the window opens inwards a full 90 degrees, making it suitable as a fire escape exit and also allowing the exterior of the window to be safely and easily cleaned from inside the house.

French Windows

Stylish, secure and versatile, French windows designed as French doors, add a sense of elegance to any home. With two outward openings, and the facility to open either one side or both sides simultaneously, French windows maximise ventilation and also serve as a fire escape exit.

Casement Windows

The traditional Casement style window is the most popular and versatile window design and offers superb protection against the wind and rain. Hinged either on the side or at the top, casement windows are the most energy-efficient option for most homes, and with a vast range of styles and decorative finishes available, Weathermaster casement windows are designed to complement any house type.

Shaped Windows

Shaped frames can create a unique look and feel to any new build home or renovation project. Through our advanced moulding and forming technology, we can created frames in virtually any shape, from round portholes to gothic arches and unsymmetrical shapes.

Finish & Colours

All Weathermaster frames are fully sculptured for an enhanced aesthetic appearance, marking a positive move away from the straight lines typically associated with PVCu products.

The curved, shaped finish of Weathermaster products adds extra character to your windows and doors, ensuring they become a 'feature' of your home rather than just a necessity. Our products are designed for use in both new build homes and replacement projects.

Advanced manufacturing processes and stringent quality control procedures ensures that all Weathermaster products are flawless in appearance. This is further enhanced by our innovative profile design; all external frame surfaces are lead free and feature 100% virgin PVCu skins.

All glazing gaskets are designed to be concealed, ensuring that your view is not obstructed and your product maintains its high standard of performance and aesthetic appeal.







Charcoal Grey


Colour Options

A range of traditional and contemporary colour finishes are available to complement your windows and doors.

Select a foil laminate finish or spray-painted RAL colour of your choice. In addition to classic white, we also offer the options featured above.


Waste Reduction

Weathermaster's innovative manufacturing processes virtually eliminate any material wastage. Our recycling facility has the capacity to reduce the amount of waste material going to landfill by up to 55 tonnes per week. In fact we ensure that all our frames feature up to 80% recycled material.

Carbon Emissions

Weathermaster windows are energy efficent by design; multi-chambers within the profile system significantly reduce heat and energy loss from inside the home. By selecting Weathermaster frames you could reduce frame carbon emissions by up to 70%.

Energy Efficiency

Our products are designed for maximum energy efficiency. By specifying Weathermaster, you can be sure of only the highest standards in performance, thermal efficiency and sustainability. Slect triple glazed windows for whole window U-values as low as 0.8W/m2K.


Lead-free products are in high demand in today's current climate, especially in PVCu products. All Weathermaster products are therefore 100% lead free, ensuring the frame retains its long term appearance and performance.

Frame Longevity

Innovate design and development ensures that our windows feature 100% virgin PVCu skins on all external surfaces. This ensures a longer term performance without compromising on overall quality or appearance. Weathermaster products are covered by an exclusive 15 year performance guarantee.


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